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We appreciate your patience as we complete the remodeling of

our patio for outdoor services.

Full indoor service will resume as circumstances change with

regards to Covid-19.

- Team Yumiko -

A crate arrives in the early morning at Hartsfield Jackson Airport, flown in from Tsukiji Japan, the worlds largest fish market. On the label it reads "Yumiko". What's inside will be a surprise. Our buyer has been instructed to purchase the best looking fish in the market and to ship immediately.
One step into Yumiko and you are now in the Edo period of Japan. A three-year project using traditional Japanese carpentry is garnished with ancient artifacts. It is here. The traditions of Japan are a time-honored practice.
You are greeted with warm oshibori towels. It is our privilege to serve you. This is your destination. This is Japan, This is Yumiko.  
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