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Yumiko, created to give you an authentic Japanese experience, is inspired by Japan's Edo period. Here, we respect and honor tradition.  The Japanese language is built on politeness. It communicates a culture recognized throughout the world for humility, kindness and manners. Please share the etiquette of Yumiko in order to give you, your friends and others a true traditional Japanese experience.


Please pay at the cashier stand.

Cash and credit cards are never to be seen in the dining areas. In Japan, the exchange of money is discreet. Once you enter the dining areas, no matters of business are to take place.  Your meal should not be interrupted for any reason. Once you are finished dining, please see the cashier at the front entrance.

Shoes off before walking on tatami mats

In Japan, whenever you see a change in floor level, this may be an indication that you are to take off your shoes and put on slippers. Tatami mats, which are made from rice straw, even require more etiquette as they are only to be walked on by bare feet or with socks on. Even slippers must be removed in order to walk on tatami.  


Please do not touch fabrics and artifacts

Yumiko was designed and created with the utmost attention to authenticity. We appreciate your refraining from touching the paintings, silks, shoji and other artifacts, in order to preserve their delicate nature.

Dining tables are sterilized. Do not place your cell phone or other personal items on top.

In Japan, it is very impolite to set personal items on a dining surface. Sushi is a hand food. Personal items are unsanitary and if placed on the table, can transfer germs onto your food. Please do not set cell phones, wallets, keys, hand bags, hats, cosmetics, eye-wear, laptops, ipads, or any other personal items on your table.

Proper use of hot hand towel

Oshibori, the hot hand towel, is not a replacement for washing soiled hands. Make sure your hands are clean before using your oshibori. Never use your towel behind the neck or ears, or to clean the face. On extremely hot summer days, after the hands have been cared for, the towel may also be used to lightly pat the forehead.

Observe proper use of chopsticks

You have been given a holder to rest your chopsticks on when not in use. Do not set your chopsticks on the table or mat. It is impolite to poke your food either to eat or hold with your chopsticks. It is also impolite to use your chopsticks to point at someone while talking.  The patio area allows children for lunch. Please make sure your child does not play with chopsticks, as eye injuries can easily occur.

Dine family style

We want to deliver your sushi as soon as it is prepared. One or two rolls will come first, with the rest of the order to follow.  We do not practice western style service where everyone in your group receives an entree at the same time. This stops the flow of sushi to other tables and also creates a space issue in the kitchen if platters are being stored until everyone's is ready. Eastern style family dining is very different from the western entree method you may be accustomed to.  Learn to enjoy the pace of course sharing. It's fun and allows everyone to explore.

BYOB Prohibited

Yumiko is a traditional Edo period sushi bar, serving Japanese beverages only, including beer, sake, shochu and whiskey. We do not have any glassware. We carry a large sake inventory, ranging from $25 to $500 per bottle. If you would like to learn more about sake, please inquire about our sake tastings. 

Please share this info with your dining partners. Arigato!

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